A Quick Note On Petty Theft

A note from a neighbor:

I just wanted to let you know about a couple of recent incidents on our block. This morning at 4:30 AM, we saw a guy walking with a rolling garbage can (which we are pretty sure was stolen). When we looked out again at 5:00 AM, the same guy was walking back without the bin & said something threatening about whether we’d made sure all of our garbage cans were there.

Also, last Sun morning when we got up, we saw that our huge plant in a large, heavy yellow (cracked) ceramic was gone & there was dirt strewn across the sidewalk. When we checked our camera recordings, we saw that around 2:35 AM that morning, 2 guys were walking up & down our side of the street with a wagon, looking into people’s front yards. They then came back to ours and took the plant & pot. It looked like they threw the plant out, but we couldn’t find it.

We will keep an eye on our cameras.

Contact Information For Our Neighborhood Coordination Officers (NCOs)

Please make sure to report any crime to 911, even if the event has passed or it seems insignificant. The police cannot connect dots if we don’t inform them of what has happened.

Our NCO officers are also charged with helping you with quality of life issues, crime patterns, and hyper-local issues. Always send them a text or an email when you see something that should be reported:

Officer Edwin Lau



Officer Sean Hackeling



And, you’ll have the chance to meet Officers Lau and Hackeling at the HNBA meeting in the Harlem Rose Garden on Tuesday, September 12th. 7:00 PM.

Feel free to walk by and wander in.