28th Precinct

Deputy Inspector Brown, the commanding officer of the 28th Precinct, had come across this image of the old 28th Precinct building and wanted to share:

This beautiful building on West 123rd, between FDB and ACP was replaced by the brutalist fortress between Frederick Douglass Avenue and St. Nicholas Avenue:



Historic Church Sold for $11.35 Million

Patch’s Nick Garber reported on Thursday that All Saints Church has been sold to a developer of low-income housing for $11.35 million.

The historic church has remained empty for 6 years, costing the diocese millions just to maintain the abandoned and landmarked structure.

The Co Living model, favored by the developer is based on an SRO or college dormitory model, with residents sharing a kitchen and/or bathroom. As an international developer (in the US and Mexico) the company – CSC Coliving – has developed a number of properties in the SRO/dorm model.

CSC Coliving notes the following as typical for their buildings:

And they tout that their model of Coliving is more profitable by having more people per square foot:

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