2020 Census Data on Asian New Yorkers

A view of Zip Code 10035 from the 2020 Census. You can see that over the last 30 years, the percentage of Asian residents increased from 1% to 6%.

In this map of northern Manhattan (above) you can see the grayer areas where the percentage of Asian New Yorkers went down, and the green areas, where the percentage of Asians increased.

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NYC Marathon Coming Next Weekend

The 50th running of the NYC marathon is going to hit the streets of Harlem on Sunday.


You can watch them run up 1st Avenue, or down 5th Avenue, in either case, it’s an exciting and inspirational view. So many people putting so much effort into pushing themselves farther and farther.

Bring a bell, a horn, a pot, or a great pair of lungs and cheer on everyone who makes this race so inspirational.

Seniors are welcome to join in the cheering.

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