1932 was an amazing year in Harlem:

Arthur Schomburg was appointed curator of the ‘Negro Division’ of NYPL at the 135th Street Branch (managing the priceless material he donated to NYPL that documented the life and achievements of the Black diaspora

The renowned sculptor Agusta Savage opened The Savage Studio of Arts and Crafts (you have to love that name). The studio was located at 163 W. 143 Street

Agusta Savage

The Harlem Harlicans were introduced by Lillian Armstrong (Louis Armstrong’s wife – divorced in 1938) to the Harlem scene. The Harlem Harlicans were an all woman swing band

Lil Armstrong

The Rockland Palace and Savoy Ballroom host drag balls. One of the Black contestants – Bonnie Clark protests that the judges favor white drag queens

Drag Performers